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Kakuhei Yagi

Kenichi Yagi

1947 years, Our company’’ Hirahachi Co.,Ltd’’ was built by a founder Sentarou Yagi.
Our company’’ Hirahachi Co.,Ltd’’ was established by Sentarou Yagi.

The background, there is there are many scars around Japan by World War 2 and various government controls was placed on food economy. food ecnomy was under the government control Sentarou Yagi brought reality food (Siouni ,Konowata’) from Awaji island and sold in Osaka. to Osaka from Awaji island and sold it there.
At that time, they could sell all of food easily

As time passes, then his business was growing up while Japan Economics was rallying,and Japan became abundant by big events’’Tokyo olympics’’ ‘’Osaka Banpaku expo’’
and so on )
On the other hand,Japan reached difficult phase during by the bursting of the bubble economy,Hanshin-earthquake,Lehman shock)
Hirahachi also be involved in considerable situation,but Hirahachi passed all happen

Now 2015 years,Hirahachi has built for since 67 years.
We have to appreciate Hirahachi old staffs that Hirahchi still survive until this day.
Since last year, top to middle-grade executive start to get together and make the medium term management plan to aim ‘’HIRAHACHI 100 Years’’!!
We appreciate  all of thing to old staffs.
top and middle-grade executive member make the medium term management plan last year.
That's aiming for ‘’HIRAHACHI 100 Years’’!!

In the future,we are going to be involve in much trouble, In the future, we might have some trouble ,but we never be haughty and going to be able to adjust world changes.
We promise to keep trying one thing our company can contribute to the world forever.

CEO Kakuhei Yagi


Company HIRAHACHI.CO.,LTD Establishment Dec.18,1951
Head office
1-3-14 Doujima Kitaku Osaka city Osaka
1-12-8 Haradaminami Toyonaka city Osaka 561-0805 Japan[MAP]
TEL 06-6868-8710
FAX 06-6868-8711
President President Hideaki Yagi Excutive President Hideaki Yagi
Director Kenichi Yagi
Director Tazuko Yagi
Auditor Junichi Haga
Capital 98,000,000 yen Type of Business Distrobutor of Food
Annual Turnover 4,8 billion(Mar.2014) Number of Employee 47
Marketing Japanese Famous Hotel…
More 400 precious food store
Treatin Item Japanese precious foods,Frozen Foods,Frozen sea foods, Seasoling, Cooked Cans, etc…
Affiliate Ocean Works.CO.,LTD(Sales, import and export of food products)